Art Collectibles

Collectible Art

Thanks to the innovation of blockchain, widely known as the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it is now possible to collect rare digital art. These collectibles are known as Cryptoart and can be saved on your phone, traded or sold to other collectors.

Artwork on Contoured comes in both formats. Printed on your choice of canvas or fine art paper, and as a digital collectible. After purchase of your chosen artwork you will receive instructions outlining how to redeem your Cryptoart collectible from us. This is a great way to receive a digital version of your artwork while we get to work printing your canvas.

WIN Crypto Art

To celebrate the launch of Contoured Crypto Art we are giving away 10 CryptoArt collectibles valued at $3,000. For a chance to win simply enter your details and we will send you an invite link.